Les Entreprises Marchand Ltd  Doors and Windows in Montreal

Founded in 1961, the company initially focused on the sale and installation of garage doors in Montreal, prefabricated chimneys and aluminum storm windows. 

A year later it began manufacturing wood garage doors in addition to aluminum storm windows. Emphasis was then laid on development of a distribution network for doors and windows in Montreal, made up principally of woodworking materials vendors and contractors. 

Until 1965, wholesaling to distributors was the company’s main sales activity. That year, the company acquired a  wood processing plant, also making it possible to manufacture slider aluminum windows with wood frames, while simultaneously providing more flexibility for wood garage door manufacturing. 

In 1973, an agreement was reached with Les Entreprises Désourdy, then a manufacturer of factory-built homes, for the supply of slider windows. In the years following that agreement the company, which until then had operated in a mixed market of 50% renovation and 50% new housing construction, saw those proportions change. 

In 1979, with the retirement of two of the company’s founding owners, a restructuring occurred. From then on company would be headed by founder Roger Hébert and Michel Hébert, son of one of the other founders, Raymond Hébert. Since that time the company has focused on the consumer market, with a product offering built on superior quality standards and services adapted to current market conditions. It is headed by Michel Hébert, President and CEO,

Les Entreprises Marchand will continue to develop market segments related to the renovation sector, and will be especially proactive in the new construction sector. In terms of the performance of our doors and windows, there is no doubt that the core of our concerns remains quality. Lastly, we have sought to enhance or presence on the higher-end renovation and construction markets.